Road Freight

B2B Supply Chain Solutions LLP brings to you an integrated network of professional road freight services. Full Truck Loading (FTL), Less Than Truck Load (LTL) transport, customs clearance are some of our service offerings. Our professionals select and combine the most appropriate services for your requirements to

  • Reduce risks
  • Eliminate errors
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Deliver on time

Why B2B Supply Chain Solutions LLP for Road Freight?

We offer the most streamlined solutions with an ideal balance between lead-time, space, frequency, and cost for your business. Our team ensures real-time communication, transparency, integrated collaboration and dedicated follow-through to provide comprehensive solutions.

Committed relationships with our customers allow us to create a successful supply chain. An intricate understanding of your supply chain requirements allows us to provide proactive solutions to achieve maximum results, thereby ensuring that you get superior quality transportation of goods, delivered on time.

A seamless integration of services allows you to focus completely on your core business. Thus, not only do you get efficient transits, but also the space to explore new opportunities to expand your business.

We have a robust network, which enables door-to-door haul trucking, and an experienced staff, that allows us to provide proactive solutions. Our frequent and reliable schedules keep shipments moving efficiently and economically. By optimizing delivery schedules, we enable efficient use of resources for on-time delivery while reducing the overall carbon footprint of your company.

Thus, you are assured of quality service with speed, efficiency, and careful handling. We have state-of-the-art handling equipment so that your goods reach their destination in a perfect condition.

More clients every day are choosing B2B Supply Chain Solutions LLP to be their trusted road freight partner, as we make sure to contribute towards the environment and society. Contact Us to share your road freight requirements in India and to get a quote.